Aug 04 2015

Rapid Lap Dash series points

Here is the pointscore update for the Rapid Lap Dash series to the end of Round 3.


rapid lap dash championship_pointscore_Rd3

Jul 30 2015

Rapid Lap dash, Rd. 4

Round 4 of the Rapid Lap Dash will be held at DECA on August 30. Below are the Supp regs and Entry Form.

There will be a limit of 50 entries, the entry list will be prepared using the following rules …

Rules for entry to Rapid Lap Dash.

  1. Entries will be received once the official entry form is available on the Club’s Website.
  2. Entries will be valid after the payment has been received.
  3. The maximum number of entrants will be 50.
  4. Entries will be recorded in order of receipt.
  5. Current financial members of the AWDCC will be given preferential entry until the Wednesday prior to the event.
  6. Members of other clubs whose entry has been validated, can make up any vacancies after the Wednesday list has been prepared.
  7. A full list of entrants will be published on the Friday prior to the event.
  8. Any validated entry which does not make the entry list will be given a full refund.

Entries can be emailed to .

EFT payment can be made to….

Account Name            Albury Wodonga & Districts Car Club

Account number         284562 S10   (or 284562510 from some banks)

BSB number               640 000

Postal entry and payment can be sent to treasurer@awdcc, c/o PO Box 430, Jindera, 2642.

There is a minimum age of 15 y.o. to participate in the Lap Dash. See regulation 27.


150830 Entry Form Formfields

Supplementary Regulations are in DRAFT form pending issuance of the permit.

supp regs lap dash @ logic DRAFT

Jul 30 2015

New date for postponed event

August 9 is set aside for the running of the postponed motorkhana and khanacross at “Villa Grove”, Jindera. Attached is the revised entry form and supplementary regulations.

150809 Entry Form Formfields

AWDCCMotorkhana_Khanacross_ supp regs_150726

Supplementary regs are to be used in conjunction with the Standing Regulations..


Event Permit has been updated and received…..



Jul 26 2015

Motorkhana is off

Too much rain early this morning, and still coming. The event has been postponed.

Jul 25 2015

Motorkhana Sunday 26th

We are calling the motorkhana on.  The paddock should stand up to the forecast showers if they arrive.

Jul 21 2015

Forms for motorkhana / khanacross this weekend

Our next event is the motorkhana and khanacross at “Villa Grove”, Jindera. Attached is the entry form and supplementary regulations.

150726 Entry Form Formfields

AWDCCMotorkhana_Khanacross_ supp regs_150726

Supplementary regs are to be used in conjunction with the Standing Regulations..


The rain expected this week may affect the running of this event. Please check the website prior to Sunday, in case the event is postponed.

Jun 29 2015

Shepparton & District Car Club Sprints 5th July 2015.


DECA Sprint – 5th July 2015.

Cost $65 Adults $35 Juniors.

Sup-Regs & Entry Form attached.


The Shepparton & District Car Club is conducting a sprint event at DECA on Sunday 5th July 2015.

The event will consist of a two lap dash in single car format with two cars on the circuit at a time spaced half a lap apart.  All laps will be timed and the event scoring will be done on the basis of the addition of your three best runs which rewards consistency.

The DECA Sprint is a great opportunity to run your car without the traffic normally associated with club sprint racing. It’s a great event for people wishing to have ago at sprints and also for juniors.

Unfortunately, whilst a huge amount of work has been done at DECA since the start of the year, we do not have the track permitted to allow open wheeler vehicles to use the full circuit due to issues with the Armco railing. Hopefully this will come in due course.

Please pass this email on to anyone whom you think might be in for a great day of competition and Fun at DECA.




Jim Hepworth



Shepparton & District Car Club


Phone: 03 58251023 ah or 0438 344512


DECA Sprint Entry Form and Disclaimer July 5         DECA Sprint Event Supp Regs July 5

Jun 28 2015

Wilby June 28 results

Here are the results in PDF and Excel format……

PDF >    Rapid Lap dash Rd 3

Excel >   Rapid Lap dash Rd 3_b

Jun 26 2015

Wilby June 28 entrants revised

As of 8 pm Friday evening the following entries have been received with payment status noted…


1 Michael Parker PD
2 Jeff Breen PD
3 Tom Riella PD
4 Tod Reed PD
5 Darren  Butlin PD
6 Steve Bowen PD
7 John Perri PD
8 Ben Arnold PD
9 Roger Arnold PD
10 Jake Lucas PD
11 Russel Hailey not paid
12 Greg Keen PD
13 Cory Gillet PD
14 Brian lynch PD
15 Matt lynch PD
16 Vaughan lynch PD
17 Grant Howitt PD
18 Leigh Rizzarto PD
19 Peter Ryder PD
20 David Schmidt PD
21 Mark Righetti not paid
22 Les Sears PD
23 Matt Sears PD
24 Bronson Waldner PD
25 Jordan Boys PD
26 Mark Tracey PD
27 Chris Parker PD
28 Steve Parker PD
29 Leon Stapley PD
30 Darrin Dunham wilby
31 Travis Marsh wilby
32 Hans Probst PD
33 James McGowan not paid

Licences will need to be viewed on the day with expiry dates confirmed.

Any queries can be directed to


Jun 24 2015

Wilby June 28 confirmed entrants

As of 9.00pm Wednesday evening, the following 19 entries have been lodged and payment received.

David Schmidt
Leigh Rizzato
Cory Gillett
Peter Ryder
Matt Lynch
Bryan Lynch
Vaughan Lynch
Greg Keen
Matt Sears
Les Sears
Ben Arnold
Roger Arnold
Jake Lucas
Jeff Breen
John Perri
Steve Bowen
Darren Butlin
Mark Tracey
Tom Riella

There are a further 10 incomplete entries from Club members. Entries from non-Club members will be considered to make up the field of 50.

The 10 members who have incomplete entries are asked to complete the process ( either payment or entry form) so that we can be better prepared on Sunday.

Any questions ? email


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