Dec 17 2014

Vic. Club Permit Scheme News Dec.17

There are changes coming to the Club Permit Scheme in Victoria. In anticipation of these changes, the Club has released the following document.


Members are also reminded that memberships are due on January 1. Membership must be current if you have a vehicle registered under the Club Permit Scheme.

memberapplic2015 _formfields

Dec 07 2014

Results DECA 7/12/14


Dec 04 2014

BREAKING NEWS! Lap Dash @ Logic – 7th December

Righto peeps drop everything !!

Sorry for the late notice but id like to inform you that the permit is APPROVED for a track day at logic just out side of Wodonga !!

Yep you have read correctly we have our first go at DECA Wodonga in over 6 months… and a proper go around the track too

Forget home and away finale
Forget Christmas shopping
Forget everything

The only thing on ya minds should be get car prepped for Sunday the 7th of December.

The day will run exactly like Wilby days have been…. smoothly and tonne a fun.

Sup regs and entry forms are here – bring your money on the day because there’s not enough time for EFT

Entry Form

Supp regs lap dash


Nov 26 2014

Results 23 Nov. Villa Grove



Nov 08 2014

23rd November Motorkhana/Khanacross at Villa Grove


November 23rd at Villa Grove

We’ve shifted the event from the 30th to the 23rd – hope you can still make it

Documentation as follows:

141123 Supp Regs

141123 Entry Form

Oct 29 2014

Wilby 2.0 results

Results for last Sunday are here. All runs are shown, but the results are based on the best 4. The four fastest times are in BOLD.

Thanks again Pat for the timing. A great venue and a top class event.

wilby lap dash 2.0. 26.10.14BEST4

Oct 10 2014

AWDCC Wilby Lap Dash 2.0 Documentation

AWDCC lap dash 2.0 is onnn!!!!
Time to get cracking on them cars ladies and gents… permits approved and sups regs ticked off!!

Download yourself a copy of sup regs and an entry form here!!

Supp Regs

Entry Form


Fill it in, and send it to back to !! Simples!! If paying by direct deposit please use your name as a reference and let me know when u send in your entry that u have paid with a receipt number.

Also if you’re keen to stay at the Tungamah pub sat night 25th, give them a call on 0357485502, let them know you’re with the car club and they will look after you!!

Well that’s it, consider yourselves informed!! See you there on the 26th at Wilby Motorsport Park for a sweet day!!


Sep 30 2014

Results from 28 September event

Results from last Sunday’s event are here…..



Sep 29 2014

AWDCC Wilby Lap Dash 2.0

Righto guys and girls, petrol heads and coin collectors…

We had such an amazing time at Wilby in July, that I thought I’d go to the trouble of organising another lap dash on the 26th of Oct.

Welcome the AWDCC LAP DASH 2.0

So get off your computers and smart phones and get your bums into the shed and start preppin them cars for what will be a great fun day.  Someone tell Tom lenaghan to get some wheel nuts for his Toyota

Few things have changed for this event, we will be running 4 cars at a time, individually released and grouped by lap times so overtaking shouldn’t happen (or is kept to a minimum) for safety.

To let you know, Leon Stapley from Melbourne took our #1 trophy with him so us AWDCC locals will have to step it up.

There were a few girl drivers to with the likes of Linette bindon and Hails Swanston, would be great to see a few more step up and have some fun as well.

The pub at Tungamah are more than happy to have us back, so if thats your thing give them a call and reserve your self a room and a stool at the bar!!

Sup regs and entry form will be up on the website as soon as possible so keep an eye out there, pre entry is preferred to help out more in the morning. Another thing is to make sure your AASA or CAMS licences are in date!!

Have fun preppin your cars and cant wait to see you all there!!

Sep 14 2014

Semptember 28th Motorkhana/Khanacross at Villa Grove

Hi All

Documentation for the regular motorkhana and khanacross at Villa Grove on 28th September

Great fun and a beautiful day was had last time, and this month should be the same

140928 supp regs

140928 Entry Form

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