May 21 2015

Entry Form and Regulations for 31st May event


Our next event is the motorkhana and khanacross at “Villa Grove”, Jindera. Attached is the entry form and supplementary regulations.

150531 Entry Form Formfieldsv2

AWDCCMotorkhana_Khanacross_ supp regs_150531v2

Supplementary regs are to be used in conjunction with the Standing Regulations..


May 15 2015


A humorous look at Round 1 of the Rapid Sprint Series held at DECA in March………   OFF THE GRID

Apr 27 2015

May Sprint Event

righteo boys and girls
round 2 of the rapid lap dash is on the 10th of may!! so best you all get your affairs in order as fare taking care of your mummies the day before !!!
now AWDCC have to do nothing with this round (music to my ears) …
its at winton and we will be collecting our required data from there event!!

so be ready for a big day!! follow this link…

fill in the online entry form and have your car ready!! believe me!! there scrutineers are solid and don’t miss much at all!!
that’s all the info you need so get onto it!! see you at winton!!


If the online entry doesn’t work for you, try this link…

Entries received prior to 5pm on May 6 can pay $120 entry fee…

2015 Entry Form – Round 2 – 10 May

And for some light reading, here are the Regulations…

2015 Sprint Regulations Round 2 – 10 May



Apr 27 2015

Monster Tool sale

Tool Sale flyer_Print

Apr 26 2015

Results for 26 April event

A beautiful sunny day set the back drop for today’s event at DECA. Thanks to all who helped with setup and running the event. Simon showed us how it is done in the motorkhana, although Rod posted more fastest times, a mechanical mishap cost him dearly in the Hopkirk.

Steve was the one to beat in the khanacross, a special mention to Max though, as he kept Steve honest whilst sharing the same car.



Apr 25 2015

Final documentation for Sunday, 26th April event

In addition to the standing regulations, the Supplementary Regulations have been issued…Supp regs 150426

For your homework, you can study the 5 tests that will be used tomorrow

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PhotoELF Edits:2009:03:19 --- Batch JPG Compressed YUV444 EXIF 16 %

Apr 22 2015

Entry Form for April 26.

The paperwork is in place for this weekend’s Motorkhana and Khanacross at DECA. Attached is the entry form in PDF with formfields to type your details in. Or you can use the Word version.

Please bring your licence so that the event secretary can confirm that it is current.

150426 Entry Form Formfields

150426 Entry Form Word

Entry fees can be paid via EFT..

Account Name            Albury Wodonga & Districts Car Club

Account number         284562S10  or  284562510 if your bank doesn’t accept letters

BSB number               640 000


Apr 17 2015

Beechworth Drive Back in Time

The AWDCC has been invited to the Beechworth Drive Back in Time on 1st and 2nd of May, organised by the Beechworth Old Cranks Motor Club.

Follow the links to the flyers for the Saturday or Sunday events….

Saturday Flyer

Sunday Flyer


Apr 15 2015

March motorkhana/khanacross results

It has come to my attention ( thankyou Rod ) that I have not posted the results from the March event at Villa Grove



Apr 12 2015

Rapid Series Rd 1- Final times

hey there guys and gals
well the dust has settled, the data has been analysed!!!! and the championship points for round 1 have been given out to its members
fastest people of the day !! …
matt chahda in his V8 supercar got top spot with a 53.4
closely followed by ben Arnold in his Nissan GTR with a 56.1 and finishimg 3rd on the podium was matt sears in his white BMW with a 57.7

fastest junior on the day was Vaughan lynch in the orange ford laser doing a 1:08.2
congratulations boys head to Rapid – Albury/Wodonga for your great efforts on the day and peter ryder will hook you lads up a sweet looking bag og goodies
the good news is that being the fastest on the day has nothing to do with the championship!!
the system has been put in place so that everyone has a fighting chance!!
championship leaderboard is as follows
Tom Lenaghan 20pts
Mark Righetti 19pts
Jack Gunton 18 pts
Ben Arnold 17pts
Jeff Breen 16 pts
Peter Ryder 15 pts
Gordon Mackinlay 14pts
Russel Hayley 13pts
lee marple 12 pts
David Payne 11pts
Brenton Konig 10pts
Dan Fewster 9 pts
Vaughan Lynch 8pts
David Schmidt 7pts
Jason Ruby 6pts
Cory Gillett 5pts
Tim Parker 4pts
Brendan Prior 3pts
Darren Butlin 2pts
Matt Chahda 1pts
Phil Patterson 1pts
Les Sears 1pts
Jake Lucas 1pts
Matt Sears 1pts
Bronson Waldner 1pts
Byan Lynch 1pts
bayden McDonald 1pts
Greg Chappel 1pts
Ross Wilson 1pts
Imre Ujjobbagy 1pts
leigh rizzato 1pts
Wassim Saliba 1pts
Kevin Battocchio 1pts
Daren Bohm 1pts
Bob Dunstone 1pts
Matt Sims 1pts
Cameron White 1pts
Jordan Boys 1pts
Matt Lynch 1pts
Jamie Flegg 1pts
Robbie Gillett 1pts
Jay medwin 1pts
Charlie Jackson 1pts
Jack Paterson 1pts
Justin Torpy 1pts
Mark Seaton 1pts
Roger Arnold 1pts
Bob Waldner 1pts
well done to all the competitors, head to the website later on to see the results with your best times

Results by fastest flying lap  Rapid_Rd1_best_times

Points awarded                       Rapid_Rd1_points

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