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Jun 03 2018

Rapid Sprint Series – Round 4 Results

  A very successful Wilby round today with a record number of entrants! Thanks to all the organisers and competitors. Quinlans Top 10 Shootout Round 4 2018 Rapid Sprint Series Round 4 2018 Class Results Rapid Sprint Series Round 4 2018 combined    

Apr 10 2018

Rapid Sprint Series Round 2 2018 Results

Congrats to all our class winners from round 2 and to Greg Keen for his outstanding 55 second lap in the Quinlans top 10 shootout.   Rapid Sprint Series Round 2 2018 Quinlans Top 10 Shootout Round 2 2018

Mar 11 2018

Rapid Sprint Series Round 1 Results

A great first round of the 2018 sprint season today. Thanks to all of our competitors and organizers for a fantastic effort Follow the links below for the results Rapid Sprint Series Round 1 2018 Quinlans Top 10 Shootout Round 1 2018  

Jan 29 2017

2016 Final Results

Congratulations to everyone for a great 2016 Especially our Club Champion Jake Lucas Full Results are attached Below! JuniorKhanacrossPointscore16 JuniorLapDashPointscore16 JuniorMotorkhanaPointscore16 JuniorPointscore16 SeniorKhanacrossPointscore16 SeniorLapDashPointscore16 SeniorMotorkhanaPointscore16 SeniorPointscore16

Nov 25 2016

Rapid Lap Dash – Round 6 Results

Congratulations to everybody for their efforts at the finale to our 2016 season. As usual results and individual lap times can be found at In addition we have a first for the club. Pit Straight Terminal Velocity Results! terminal-velocity-lapdashrd6 Taken with a professional grade laser speed gun at the end of …

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Nov 03 2016

Results Lucas Motorsports Park

Results for last Sunday’s event……   khanacross-161030 motorkhana-161030

Oct 20 2016

Pointscores 2016

Pointscores have been tallied for each of Motorkhana, Khanacross and Lap Dash. Competitors are invited to view the lists and advise me of any potential mistakes. Best method is to go to each event you participated in, and see if there is at least one point for that round. Any problems or questions drop me …

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Sep 25 2016

Rapid Sprint Series 2016 – Round 5 Wilby

Thanks to all for a great day today at Wilby Detailed results can be found at You can Check also out this great video of the day by Jake Lucas AWDCC Rapid Sprint Series – Wilby from Jake Lucas on Vimeo.

Sep 14 2016

Results September 11 event

Results from the weekend’s event below…. khanacross160911 motorkhana160911

Aug 17 2016

Rapid Sprint Series Round 4 Results

Another great round with a fantastic range of competitors. Don’t forget you can get all of the results at Luke has also done another fantastic round up for the round. Well worth the read! Round 4 Report – Luke Hunter

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