To enter events organised by AWDCC, you must have either a CAMS “Level 2” (or better) license, or a AASA Club (or better) license. No other license types are accepted (IE speedway, go-karts, drags, motorbike racing etc.).

Events organised by AWDCC are “non race”, a “non race” event is one where cars compete against the clock, instead of competing against each other trying to cross the finish line first. These events are cheap to run, cheap to enter and are the safest and the best way to get started in motorsport. Events are open to club members from 12 years of age and up.

AASA Club licenses allow you to enter any “non-race” event nationally that is operating under a AASA permit. The AASA Club license is $50, but remember you are restricted to only AASA events.

AASA Club Licence Form – CLUB-LICENCE-APPLICATION-2015-2016

CAMS “Level 2” licenses allow you to enter any “non-race” event nationally that is operating under a CAMS permit, OR under a AASA permit. CAMS Level 2 licenses have two types, “non-speed” (L2NS) and “speed” (L2S). L2NS licenses cost $60 and allow you to compete in motorkhanas and khanacrosses – events where it’s rare to exceed 60 to 80kph. L2S licenses cost $100 allow you to to enter any “non race” event, from motorkhanas to super sprints. CAMS Licenses for under-18’s are just $13, so getting started in motorsport from a young age is easy.

CAMS License Form – CAMS_2016 Level 2 Licence Web_121115

Our Motorkhana and Khanacross events are held in accordance with our “Standing Regulations”. These regulations define the driver and vehicle requirements along with competition rules and are supplemented by specific regulations for each event. Standing regulations are available here

– AWDCC-Standing-Regulations-Motorkhana-and-Khanacross_160217

Our club offers “Historic” or “Club” registration in both NSW and Victoria. Victorian members are reminded that the club adheres to the Vicroads Club Obligations, available by clicking here and on the Vicroads website.