Club Permits

updated 3/8/2019

NSW Historic and Classic Vehicle Scheme

There are two schemes operating in NSW for vehicles over 30 years old. If the vehicle is predominately original, it can be registered as a Historic vehicle. If the vehicle has been modified, it could be eligible for the Classic scheme. The Club representative makes the decision when a vehicle is no longer eligible for the Historic scheme and needs to become a Classic.

Both schemes can operate with a 60 day logbook. Most of our members take up this option.

The current forms and information sheets can be obtained here. It is recommended that you contact the Club to confirm that you have downloaded the correct information for your situation.






Historic Vehicle Declaration January2019

Classic Vehicle Declaration January2019

AWDCC_safety_inspections_Jan 2019

Classic_Vehicle_Scheme _(CVS)_Application_Guidelines_Feb-19


Victorian Club Permit Scheme

For those members wishing to take part in the Victorian Club Permit Scheme, the relevant documents are below. For new registrations, the Club makes a determination on whether the vehicle is eligible for the scheme. The VESD signatories currently are David West 0407958504 and Pete Nusser 60241576.

Owners of vehicles registered under the Club Permit Scheme can choose either a 45 day or 90 day logbook. The Club recommends the 45 day logbook, it is cheaper, and if you use all of the 45 days, you can upgrade to the 90 day.

AWDCC_safety_inspections_Jan 2019








If you have any questions, please call the Historic Registrar, David Schmidt, on 0427 200035, or email