Club Permits

NSW Historic Vehicle Scheme

During 2015, the NSW RMS introduced a 2 year logbook trial for the Historic Vehicle Scheme. Members with NSW Conditional Registration on their Historic Vehicle can now operate the vehicle outside of Club events on 60 days of the year. When renewing or obtaining new registration, ask the RMS staff about the logbook scheme.

The current forms and information sheet can be obtained hereā€¦



Historic Vehicle Declaration Dec2015

Victorian Club Permit Scheme

For those members and non-members wishing to take part in the Victorian Club Permit Scheme, the collection of documents below are worth reading. The changes which came into play on Feb. 1, 2015, are complex and involve more cost than previously. Members with vehicles in the CPS prior to Feb. 1, are not directly affected by the changes, but reference is made in Vicroads documents, to current vehicles which may not be deemed eligible under the new scheme.



Changes to the club permit scheme commencing 31 January 2015 _

VicRoads Club_permit_agreement_Jan2015



VASS_signatories_by_location (1)


If you have any questions, please call the Historic Registrar, David Schmidt, on 0427 200035, or email