Dec 05 2016

2017 Membership Renewals

The AWDCC is now taking membership renewals for 2017. Memberships can be done on‐line at
www.revolutionise.com.au/awdcc/ . All memberships are due on January 1 each year.
Members are encouraged to use Pin Payments for paying fees. Pin Payments reduce the workload of
Club officials, and with over 450 members, any opportunity to save time is appreciated. Pin
payments offer the security to members of being able to track their own Club transactions.
Existing members and contacts need to follow the Membership > Renew tabs. They will be asked for
their Surname and First name, and also their Date of Birth. If you did not change the generic Date of
Birth last year, you may have difficulty renewing. In that event, try either 1/1/1900 or 1/1/2016.
During the renewal process, you can change or update any of your details.
There are several levels of Membership.
Social membership is for those who don’t compete, just receive news and come to the odd “social”

Junior / Student is for those under 18 y.o at Jan 1., or full‐time student (regardless of age) and is
required for competing in Club events.
Senior is 18 y.o. and over, and is required for competing in Club events or for Historic Registration
Family is for , say, a couple with children who are juniors or students. No limit on number of family
members. Children can compete in motorkhanas from 12 years of age.
Family could also be for a couple with no children. Family members over 18 have the same
entitlements as Senior Members.
When joining up as a Family, the $65 fee is paid by the “Family – Senior – First Adult”.
Other members of the family join as “Family – Senior – Second Adult” or “Family – Jnr”, and there is
no fee.

Each member of the family will need to be entered separately.
A Senior or Family membership is required for Historic Registration.
It is advisable that memberships remain current for the purposes of Historic Registration.
Membership cards are printed for members 12 years old and above.
Historic Vehicles – Members are now able to pay the Historic Vehicle fee with their Membership
fee. Please choose the applicable Add‐on fee for the number of Historic vehicles taking part in either
the NSW or Victorian schemes. Paying the Historic Vehicle fee allows the member to take part in the
NSW Conditional Registration for Historic Vehicles or Street Rods, or the Victorian Club Permit
Scheme for Veteran, Vintage, Classic and Historic, Trailers, Modified, Street Rod, Replica or

If you have any questions, contact David on 0427200035, or members@awdcc.com.au