Sep 12 2016

Mud and Ruts

We love to Motorkhana in dust all through the summer, but mud like what we have right now really is a bummer
Even if you wanted to you wouldn’t do one in a Hummer
The sky and ground have sprung a leak it’s a big job for a Plumber
The minis would be slipping the Escorts could sliding the Evo’s with their extra diff really should be gliding and if it had any sense the club car would be hiding
We need some better weather mate, to speed up evaporation, because the only thing that’s going on is driver exasperation
If we did one there would be Mud and Guts and foot deep ruts, with swamp and sloppy patches, the ground is like the everglades without the Alligators
We yearn for days to come to play where the grip is good and ground up stood the day a little ripper, but as things stand with all this rain we’d be driving just like Flipper
It won’t be long, don’t get me wrong before were spitting dust and the next time we turn a wheel we’ll be breaking through the crust
But as we wait for that perfect day of conditions to collide, we race the track in our minds it’s the only way to get a drive!

– Rod Shaw 9th September 2016